We would not be wrong to state that these days more people scroll through social media for memes and jokes more than actual socialising. These meme pages or accounts that post regular memes have such huge following. And you'd often think of a joke that suits a particular meme but then you are too bored to find the meme format and then edit it. People often search for latest meme templates, Bollywood meme templates, Meme templates Indian and so on. We have gathered a collection of the latest meme formats which you can download for free. From the newest Virat Kohli's dinosaur pose, Hera Pheri Dialogues, Coffin Dance to the Woman Yelling at the Cat, we have got you all the trending meme formats from recent months. Google Trends US ‘A Decade in Search’: From ‘Happy Birthday’ to Funny ‘Cat Meme,’ Tech Giant Reveals Most Searched Viral Memes From 2010 to 2019.

Once you get a meme format, it stays on. People may stop making those memes because they find another target. But there are some meme formats which will continue to be there. These formats can spring up from anywhere, Bollywood movies, trailers, songs or any other viral videos on the net. In fact, these days you cannot even predict what will become into funny memes. But these jokes are loved across all social media platforms and so if you too want to join in and share the laughter, we make it easy for you. Scroll on as we bring you the latest meme formats, some from Bollywood movies, some from series, and some more popular ones.

Hera Pheri Meme Format!

Hera Pheri dialogue meme (Photo Credits: Twitter)
Hera Pheri meme (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Virat Kohli's Dinosaur Move 

Virat Kohli meme (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Welcome Movie Meme

Welcome movie meme (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Coffin Dance Meme

Coffin Dance meme (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Women Yelling at Cat

Woman yelling at cat meme format (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The Office Meme

Office meme (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Jeoy's Reaction From FRIENDS

Joey reaction meme (Photo Credits: Twitter)

We hope our above collection of meme formats help you to generate more funny jokes and share them on the internet. During this pandemic, we have seen a lot more memes coming in. But we have no complains as these funny takes and jokes is what keeps us smiling through our dull days. So utilise the above images and make the best funny memes.

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