What could possibly be funny about a global pandemic that has altered the very fabric of our existence? How could anyone come up with jokes during a global crisis? This questions might also hit your mind, every time you come across a meme. But in times of crisis, when we don’t understand why and what the hell is going on, we have historically turned to comedy. And that is what netizens are doing. Can there be anything better to mourn 2020 than with memes? Well, no! The ‘My Plans vs 2020’ viral memes takes memorable scenes from movies and TV shows, comparing them with happier beginnings. From the heart-wrenching conclusion to the tragic love stories, to the unfortunate fate in many scenes, people are joking about how disappointing 2020 is shaping up to be. From World War III to Coronavirus, Funny Memes and Jokes are Trending on How 2020 is Going So Far. 

We are the fifth month of this New Year—nay decade, and there have been so much around us to handle at a time. Comedy is human’s free coping mechanism, a medium that both distracts us from the horrors of the world while allowing us to get our best and worst thoughts out of our heads, for a while at least. As people are significantly forced to turn to the internet for entertainment, online jokes will keep flowing. And it is alright! At least the jokes make us chuckle despite, what literally is happening across the world. The new addition to rant about how nothing is going as per the plan this year, ‘My plans vs 2020,’ funny memes and jokes are too relative to give a miss. Murder Hornets Funny Memes and Jokes Take Over Twitter Displaying How 2020 Keeps Getting Worse!

‘My Plans vs 2020’ Funny Memes!



That Wicked Smile!

When We Were Hopeful!

Almost Everyone During the Pandemic!

Why God Why!

So Relatable

So what were your plans for 2020? And how it ended miserably? Any expectations we had, from enjoying brunch with friends to seeing loved ones to travel, everything is off the table, right now! Try and relate your emotions to some great scenes from movies and TV shows, if you haven’t already.

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