A No Means No! Mumbai Police Tweets 'The Venn Diagram of Consent'
Mumbai Police tweet (Photo Credits: Mumbai Police Twitter)

Mumbai Police has once again taken to Twitter with the meaning of consent. The city police which is known for their witty, creative and informative tweets has taken to social media explaining why people must understand the difference between Yes and No in terms of consent. Mumbai Police tweeted saying, "There is no possible logical relation between set 'Yes' and set 'No'. A No means No! #RespectConsent."

With a diagram that shows Yes and No in two different circles, it says 'The Venn Diagram Of Consent'. While, a Venn diagram shows possible logical relations between different sets of circles, the city police say, the Venn diagram of consent is not the same. Hence the city police have created their own Venn Diagram Of Consent' which separates Yes from No and has no reasoning in between. UP Police’s Tinder Reference on Consent Gets a Thumbs Up on Social Media.

Here is the Mumbai Police's tweet:

The tweet received different kinds of reactions from social media users. Many referred to recent sexual abuse accusations on men made by women via social media. This tweet comes after the hashtag #MeToo reached the Indian Twitter. In the past couple of weeks, many women brought their sexual predators to light on social media. Claims and allegations of sexual abuse and assault were tweeted against celebrities including actors, comedians and directors.

Mumbai Police tweets about social issues regularly, many-a-times they take references from popular TV shows and Netflix series. Generally while addressing a problem more relevant among the youth, the Twitter handle uses contexts from comic books, cartoons, serials and movies. In August, the had tweeted saying, "Your search for any other meaning for NO apart from NO will always end at a NO !#ANoMeansNo #ConsentCounts."