Assam Floods: Tiger Breaks Into House, Relaxes on Bed After Escaping the Floodwaters That Destroyed Kaziranga National Park
Tiger Breaks Into House (Photo Credits: @wti_org_india/ Twitter)

The situation of Assam is serious as heavy rainfall has caused a severe flood in all corners of the north-eastern state of India. The death toll is only increasing and at least 90 percent of the Kaziranga Park is inundated. Home to elephants, tigers, one-horned rhinos and other wildlife, the National Park is equally at risk. With each hour passing, disheartening videos showing the poor situation faced by humans and wildlife is surfacing on the internet. A recent one has come from Kaziranga, where a Tiger has been spotted to take some rest on a resident’s bed. Escaping the Assam floods, the wildlife team encountered this tiger, who was captured taking shelter and relax from all the current hazards in its habitat. Viral Video of Deer Wading Through Deep Neck Waters at Kaziranga National Park Distresses Netizens. 

The Wildlife Trust of India is currently running the mission to rescue all the animals who are trapped in Assam flood. The tiger appears to stray out of the flooded national park and ended up in a house, situated near the national highway. In the series of images, the tiger can be seen lying on the bed, peering from a hole ripped into the wall.

An Unusual Guest

A Closure Look

As the images go viral, netizens on Twitter remarked the tiger to be tired and hungry and hence needed some shelter to rest. The owner of the house was alarmed, when neighbours saw the animal, approaching. No injury has been reported from the scene as yet and the forest team said attempts were on to tranquilise the tiger and take it to safety. According to recent reports, flood water has now begun withdrawing from the wildlife reserve. The rescue operations in all corners of the north-eastern state are on.