Assam Floods: Viral Video of Deer Wading Through Deep Neck Waters at Kaziranga National Park Distresses Netizens
Deer Wading Through Deep Neck Waters at Kaziranga National Park (Photo Credits: Video Screengrab/ @ParveenKaswan/ Twitter)

The situation of Assam and several other parts in the northeastern part of India is at huge risk. Kaziranga National Park, home to tigers, deer and one-horned rhinos submerged with animals trying to escape from it. According to media reports, two one-horned rhinos have drowned in floods. A recent video from the Kaziranga National Park, is going viral showing deer wading through deep neck waters. The nearly 2-minute clip has distressed netizens, who have been sharing it on all social media platforms, to increase the awareness of the devastating situation, faced by the wildlife. Brahmaputra River Flows Above Danger Mark, Roads Washed Away, School Building Collapses Due to Heavy Rains. 

An Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer, Praveen Kaswan has shared the video on his Twitter handle informing his followers about the tragic story behind it. Not just humans, but natural disaster affects the animals too at a large scale. “90% of #Kaziranga is under water now. #Disaster happens for #wildlife also. It increases when habitat is reduced and criss-crossed by other infrastructure. In the time of such disaster it becomes difficult for them to reach at a safer location,” reads Kaswan’s tweet. Heavy Rainfall Wreaks Havoc, 70% of Kaziranga National Park Submerged, Animals Taken to Highlands. 

Watch Video of Deer Wading Through Deep Neck Floodwater 

After the video went viral, netizens began to question if the government is taking necessary steps to protect the wildlife from such disaster. With the increasing concern, the IFS officer responded with various images showing staffs on protection and rescue duty. Authorities at Kaziranga National Park have reportedly created various raised platforms and they are taking all the necessary arrangements to rescue the animals from flood-affected areas.