Australia: Husband Wanted His Wife to Be Arrested for Refusing to Split the Bill
Representational Image (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Husband-wife tiffs are very common. In fact, that's what supposed to make the bond stronger right? But an Australian couple's fight reached the matters of the police because of a very strange reason. A distressed husband called the police for his wife since she refused to split the food bill. The couple ate at a Chinese seafood restaurant in Chatswood and the husband wanted to pay half of the bill. When she refused he dialled the emergency hotline number of Sydney 000. Ohio Teen Calls 911 After Father Took Her Phone Away for Parental Disciplines.

The couple had a good succulent meal but it clearly did not end well for them. He complained about his wife wanting to pay even for her portion of the bill. The police immediately arrived at the scene and lectured the man about the sensitivity of calling the emergency helpline number. He was warned that 000 is strictly for emergency situations, in cases of serious crime or danger. Woman Calls Firefighters to Rescue 'Huge Monitor Lizard,' Turns Out To Be a Small Gecko, View Pic!

"Police spoke with the man, who phoned triple zero to alert police to the dispute, and advised him that triple zero is to be dialled only for emergency situations where a life is in danger, a crime is taking place, or in time critical situations,” said a statement by North Shore Police Area Command. But the mystery about who paid the final amount of the bill still remains. Need a Reason for a Divorce? Here are Some Weird but True Excuses Real People Divorced Their Spouses.

Husband-wife fights have taken turn for the worse over some of the most unpredictable reasons. A husband from Patna in India filed for divorce saying that his wife does not take bath. He was tired of her uncleanliness and wanted to split up. We are not sure how this Australian couple is not dealing with the fiasco and would definitely think twice before they think of dining together.