Ohio Teen Calls 911 After Father Took Her Phone Away for Parental Disciplines
Representational Image (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Teenagers are trying to put their phones down. Many a time, it has been reported that parents are seemingly worried as their children spend too much time on mobile device and are making every effort to stop it. They sometimes react strongly when their phone is taken away. A much recent incident would be a teen from Ohio who went a bit too far, but things did not turn the way she was hoping for. The police officers were in for a big surprise, when they arrived at the home of a 16-year-old girl in South Euclid. Game Addict Teen Hangs Himself After Mother Takes Away Phone. 

The young girl called 911 and complained that her father took away her cell phone, something she thought she was entitled to own. After the cops spoke to her father, it was understood that he took the phone away for disciplinary reasons. While, the girl continued to insist that it was a theft! The teen name was not released because she is a minor, while her father according to Daily Mail is identified as Anthony Robertson.

South Euclid Police Department on Facebook

The Facebook post has been liked and shared hundreds of times by empathetic parents. The cops handled the situation well determining that it was merely a parental disciplinary issue and sided with Robertson. In their Facebook post, the South Euclid Police Department stated, “Officers explained that having a cell phone under the age of 18 is a ‘privilege’ and not a ‘right’ as she believes. Officers suggested she follow the rules her father set, if she hoped to get the phone returned.”