Bridesmaid Fainted the Moment Married Couple Leans to Kiss! Twitterati Calls It the Best Wedding Throwback Ever
Twitterati Calls It the Best Wedding Throwback Ever (Photo Credits: @K_47/ Twitter)

A wedding is the happiest day in anyone’s life. Nevertheless, they tend to find a way to bring anxiety at the same time than any other life event. And among all of it, bridesmaids can bring on the drama! They are the incredible source of support and love during a crazy, transitional time. Once you are done, with the nuptial ceremony, all you look and cherish for years are through the beautiful wedding photographs. You definitely need a right person to capture each and every bit of the ceremony. In recent time, like any other loveable husband, shared a throwback to his wedding day on Twitter to mark his anniversary. But what caught the Twitterati's attention indeed become one of the best wedding photos ever. It was the bridesmaid who fell, fainted to the floor right next to the pair who leaned for their first kiss as a married couple.

The 25-year-old British-American Kevin Kennedy Ryan shared a picture of his wedding on social media on their three-year wedding anniversary. Usually, most wedding throwbacks receive many likes and well-wishing comments. But it did not go the same way with Ryan as something was uncommon in the photo! Can you spot it?

Spot the unusual in this beautiful wedding throwback!

The photo describes the newlyweds leaning in to seal their vows with a kiss in the wedding hall. Amidst the gorgeous setting, a bridesmaid is seen lying face-down on the floor at the happy couple’s feet. Interestingly, she is the groom’s sister! And Ryan could express with no less than a traditional brotherly mocking.

The internet went crazy with questions about the hilarious moment, which we must say captured brilliantly, was planned or actually happened.

Was it planned? 

Ryan explained on his Twitter that when the officiator announced, “You may now kiss the bride,” his sister fainted at that very moment. He confirmed that his sister was completely fine after being helped up and the happy couple gave their interrupted kiss a second go. And we do agree with Tweeple that this picture should be framed and hung in the couple’s home.