Damaging or any form of vandalism on historical monuments is a serious offence, and a British man may have to pay heftily for five years of his life behind bars. 27-year-old Ivan Dimitrov from Bristol and his girlfriend Hayley Bracey were visiting the Italian capital during their three-week trip to Europe. During the visit to the famous Colosseum, the two were caught scribbling their initials on the 2000-year-old wall. After a video of Ivan vandalising the wall was caught on camera, it quickly went viral, and the couple was tracked down. Russian Yoga Influencer Alina Fazleeva Poses Naked Under Sacred 700-Yr-Old Weeping Tree in Bali; Faces Possible Prison Time.

While the couple was visiting the ancient monument, Ivan scrawled “Ivan and Hayley 23" using a set of keys on the wall. Another tourist from California happened to spot them and caught them on camera. The video soon went viral online. Italy’s Carabinieri used CCTV footage to track them down along with the hotel records, which directed them to Bulgaria on Friday. The authorities spoke to Dimitrov, who has now expressed “sincere remorse” for his actions. He was explained that he could be jailed for almost 2-5 years, along with a fine of up to 15,000 euros.

Watch Viral Video of Man Carving His Girlfriend’s Name in Colosseum:

Carabinieri spokesman and Major Roberto Martina told the Mail Online, “He told us he was very upset by what he had done, and he kept apologising for it.” The case will deal with straightforward reasons because video footage supports it. “We didn’t ask him why he did it, that will be for a judge to hear, we just told him that he was a suspect and was part of the investigation,” she added. His girlfriend could also be viewed as an accessory.

This incident shows the strict rules followed in Italy with regard to vandalism, and something of the same sort can be emulated even in our country.

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