New Delhi, May 19: Apple, the tech giant known for providing innovative features, has announced a new feature for iOS, the 'Vehicle Motion Cues' for iPhone and iPad users. The new feature is expected to combat motion sickness for iPhone and iPad users while travelling in a car. The iOS new feature is anticipated to provide a seamless and comfortable experience for passengers who often struggle with nausea while using their devices when travelling.

As per a report of Hindustan Times, Apple introduces a new feature to reduce motion sickness for iPhone and iPad users. Motion sickness is a common problem that arises when there is a mismatch between what a person's eyes see and what their body senses in motion. Apple Accessibility Features: iPhone-Maker Announces New Accessibility Features Such As Eye Tracking, Music Haptics and More; Check Details.

The sensory mismatch often occurs when individuals attempt to use smartphones or tablets while travelling, which may lead to feelings of nausea and discomfort. As a result, some people usually stay away from using mobile devices during travelling to avoid the unpleasant symptoms associated with this condition. Apple acknowledges this issue and is working to provide solutions to enable more comfortable use of devices while travelling.

Apple's new feature, Vehicle Motion Cues, uses animated dots on the edges of the screen to sync with the motion of the vehicle. These dots help the user's brain to balance the movement they feel with what their eyes see and reduce the sensory conflict that leads to motion sickness, as per a report of India Today.

Apple's new Vehicle Motion Cues feature will likely enhance the user experience for those who frequently travel by car. The innovative solution uses the advanced sensors already present in iPhones and iPads to detect when the device is in a moving vehicle. Once detected, the feature automatically activates and provides users with a convenient experience. iPhone 16 Series Likely To Launch in September, Production May Begin Next Month; Check Expected Specifications and Features.

The feature can also be manually controlled through the Control Center to meet individual preferences and needs. The flexibility will allow users to take advantage of the feature when it is most beneficial, such as during long road trips or daily commutes and also having the option to turn it off when it is not required. The roll out of Vehicle Motion Cues feature across all iPads and iPhones might be done later this year.

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