They say don't wash your dirty linen in public, but a couple from Bolivia is going viral online after a husband decided to expose his cheating wife in front of the entire family. The husband chose the function of their baby shower and brought with him a lawyer with proofs of the baby's father. What's more, the real father turned out to be a family friend who was also in attendance at this function. No sooner did the truth was out, it led to a ruckus and fight where people bashed the 'real' father. The entire scene of this family drama was caught on camera and the video has been doing the rounds on social media. And a lot of people want to know what happened next. Australian Woman Breaks Six-Year-Long Relationship After Finding Out Her Husband Had an Affair With Her Mother!

In what looks like a scene out of a scripted tale, a Bolivian family was having a baby shower. The pregnant wife was watching as the husband took over the mic and announced that this was not 'his' baby shower. He then introduced a lawyer friend who showed proofs of their oncoming baby boy. While everyone knew that bit, he added that his wife was not four but six months pregnant. The wife then got up and tried to stop what was coming next, but her father needed an explanation. Woman Exposes Cheating Boyfriend on Viral TikTok Video; Films His Texts With Other Girl.

The husband obliged and revealed that his wife had been cheating on him for the last three years and this child was not his! Things got more dramatic when the lawyer showed a video of the wife and a man getting cozy, dressed in just towels in front of everyone. The husband revealed that the real father of the child was also present there and happened to be a family friend! The family members got enraged and attacked the cheating man while the distressed wife was seen going behind her husband. The entire family embarrassment has been caught on video and it has been going crazy viral on social media. 'Cheating husband' Caught With Pregnant Woman! Wife's Friend's Posts The Antenatal Ward Scene Online.

Check The Viral Video Here:

The same video has been shared on Reddit and Twitter where it has garnered over a million views. Check some of the reactions to this family drama.

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How Does This End?

A lot of people have been invested in how this exactly ended and what did the wife say, what happened next. Although not everyone understood the language, they still understood the entire context and want to know more. Given that the entire footage has turned so dramatic, we do not actually blame them.

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