Cow Feeds Puppies Who Lost Their Mother in Accident, Heart-warming Video From Uttar Pradesh Goes Viral
Cow feeds milk to puppies (Photo Credits: Video grab)

Animals and their unconditional love or undefined friendships are something we have always heard of. One can never really predict who two animals will get along together and shower a display of love and care. The internet is filled with many such mushy animal videos. A new video is now going viral which shows a cow feeding four puppies by the roadside. The video was captured in Uttar Pradesh and according to the people, the pups lost their mother in an accident. The cow has taken over as the perfect mother and was seen feeding the pups. This Video of a Pet Dog and Cat Loving Each Other is Going Viral, Watch Cute Clip.

The pups lost their mother to an accident just a few days after their birth. Since then, the cow looks after these puppies and feeds them milk every day. It is indeed heart-warming gesture to see how the cow has taken over as the mother of these cute orphaned puppies. Wild Grey Seal Loves to Hug Humans and Hold Their Hands - Watch The Adorable Video.

Watch Video of Cow Feeding Milk to Puppies

This is not the first incident when an animal has taken over taking care of others. A video of another labrador looking after 9 ducklings like his own puppies had gone viral a few months ago. The pooch took over to take care of these ducklings after their mom left them. It is indeed charming how animal instincts work. Irrespective of the type, there have been cases where animals have helped other animals like their own. It is nice to see how this cow has turned to be exactly like a mother to these cute puppies.