Wild Grey Seal Loves to Hug Humans and Hold Their Hands - Watch The Adorable Video
Grey Seals want human hugs and it's cute. Picture Courtesy: YouTube

Ben Burville, a British doctor, has made friends with a cute grey seal who likes human hugs and hand holding! The British veteran diver met a wild grey seal off the coast of the Farne Islands, Northumberland, United Kingdom. It was just a casual diving episode for Burville when he met a wild grey seal. The seal, with humble eyes, soon became friendly and started hugging him. The playful seal approached Ben by wrapping its flippers around him and shared a comforting hug. He also coaxed Burville to hold hands. Man in China Adopts Chubby Dog, Turns Out to Be a Bamboo Rat! View Pic

The seal fancied the doctor way too much as he continued to hold the doctor's hand for a long time while he was entertained by the doctor's eye mask and breathing cylinder. Basically, the seal was having a ball with the human without harming him. You can check out the video of the same below. Spain: Bull Breaks Both Legs After Leaping From Ramp Placed too High; Heart Breaking Video Goes Viral

Burville, who is also a researcher at the Newcastle University's marine biology department, studies grey seals and white dolphins and hence was able to decipher the behaviour of the grey seal he acquainted with during his diving expedition. He quoted, “I realize that I am incredibly fortunate to have this opportunity and insight into their world that this facilitates. Having dived and observed grey seals for over 18 years, they have shown me how to dive with them in a way that they feel at ease.” Watch Video of Naked Man Jumping into Toronto Ripley’s Aquarium Shark Tank! Swims Around Amidst Full of Sharks

He further explained, “Seals are not pets, nor are they in any way tame – these are wild seals with the population fluctuating all the time with new seals joining and others moving away. Very rarely do I dive with the same seal. Mostly it involves how I breathe, controls my buoyancy, moves underwater and uses hand signals – I have also learned that certain noises are of interest to the seals. When they hug you or hold your hand it is hard to describe the feeling – time stops. You are 100 percent aware of being in that very moment, peaceful, calm, and I suppose the term is mindful.”