Dad Goes Through 8-YO Son’s iPad Search History, and Finds THIS! (Watch Hilarious Viral Video)
Dad looks through search history of son and finds shocking (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Early exposure to the internet for kids is not too healthy. While the internet may serve a plethora of knowledge to them at a click, it is not possible to always regulate what they are searching online. A video has been going viral on the internet which shows a dad checking upon his 8-year-old son's search history on his iPad and finds something shocking. From reading upon celebrities death and popular games, the kid was looking for NSFW term like 'BBQ sauce on titties.' The funny video is going viral on Twitter. Hilarious Video of Dad Pushing His Goalie Son to Save a Goal During Under-8s Football Match Is Surely Not a Perfect Parenting Lesson.

Craig Wilson was Blackpool was too amused when he decided to go through his 8-year-old's search history. Elder sister Ashleigh uploaded a video of the same on Twitter which is now going viral. The initial search topics ranged from games like Fortnite, YouTuber, what caused celebrities' death and also about lucid dreaming. But things took an unexpected turn when the search also showed 'BBQ sauce on titties.' The dad couldn't control his laughter at this point. Mom Catches 6-Year-Old Using Amazon Alexa to Finish His Maths Homework, Funny Video Goes Viral.

Watch Video of Father Checking the Search History on His Son's iPad

The father was left laughing so his son was probably saved from getting an earful. But people on the internet commented that the phrase was in reference to a popular vine from series Orange is the New Black and did not mean any vulgar content. Some others also shared their experiences of what they found when they decided to check up on their children. Check how people reacted.

It's From Orange Is The New Black

What's With Looking up Deaths?

Private Videos

XXXtentacion He Meant?

While it may be a popular vine, we are not sure what the internet must have shown up as a result. This video is funny sure, but parents always need to be careful about what their children are looking up on the internet.