Mom Catches 6-Year-Old Using Amazon Alexa to Finish His Maths Homework, Funny Video Goes Viral
Kid uses Alexa to do Maths homework (Photo credits: Video grab)

Mathematics is a subject, no less than a nightmare for many. Counting numbers is easier but even basic equations can be tough when you do not like the subject. And what gets tougher is having homework in mathematics. Most children do not like having homework at all, but it is dreadful when the teacher asks if you have completed it the next day. While we grow up and have technology all around to do the math for us, a little kid in New Jersey too resorted to Alexa for finishing his maths homework. A video of a little boy using Amazon's assistant Alexa to do his maths homework is going viral on the internet. Amazon Alexa Advices to 'Kill Your Foster Parents' and It Is Not a Technical Glitch! AI Is Learning to Answer Your Sex Queries and Much More.

A mother, Yerelyn Cueva caught her six-year-old son using Alexa's help to finish his homework and shared the funny clip online. It is a very short clip in which the son asks Alexa, "What's five minus three?" In the caption, she wrote, if she should whoop him now or later after she caught him using technology for his homework. Parrot Befriends Amazon Alexa, Plays Songs and Shops Online While Owner is Away.

Check Video of Little Boy Using Amazon Alexa to Help With His Maths Homework

The video has got over 8.5 million views and over a lakh retweets. "What you don’t see is after he says, ‘Thank you, Alexa, for helping me with my homework,'" Cueva told the New York Post. The video has left many people laughing. Some have called it using the resources properly.

But it sure raises some concern about kids not taking any effort, with such technology at disposal. The mother revealed that maths is actually his favourite subject and he was just being lazy about doing his homework. She too couldn't believe he was talking to Alexa for such basic problems. But to ensure such things do not happen again she is planning to turn off the speakers.