Hilarious Video of Dad Pushing His Goalie Son to Save a Goal During Under-8s Football Match Is Surely Not a Perfect Parenting Lesson
Video of man pushing his son during a football match. (Photo Credits: Twitter Video Grab)

Often parents aim to make their children an all-rounder and that can sometimes lead to pushiness. Especially when it comes to sports, one tends to get over-zealous and wants their child’s team to win the match at any cost. In one such anonymous video that has surfaced on the social media, a dad is seen pushing his goalie son during football match to save the opposite team’s goal. The under-8s football game was between CP Llanilar FC and Bow Street FC in Wales. The hilarious footage has been seen almost four million times on Twitter alone. A Video of Mother Putting Son’s Head In Toilet Goes Viral; Twitter Is Enraged (Watch Video).

In the video, a member from the opposite team in yellow jersey was dodging really well and was just about to make a goal. The little goalie looked dazed and was facing in the wrong direction. A man standing next to him, apparently his dad, pushed him in front of the goal at the right time. While the boy managed to save the goal for a few seconds. The rebound soon found its way into the net. This Dog Accidentally Howled Like Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic’ Tune and Twitter Is Going Crazy! Watch Funny Video.

Watch Video: Dad Pushing His Son to Save a Goal During Football Match

After the rebound, the dad looked disappointed. Well, sometimes it is better to just let it go. The internet thought it was hilarious too. Poor chap! Australian football legend Timmy Cahill too thought that it was all a good laugh. He tweeted writing: “Great save.” What do you think about this act? Was the dad brutal or an attempt at a brilliant move?