Animals can teach us a lot about being human. Even though, we have often been brutal towards animals, caging them, tying them with chains, hunting so many species… and the list goes on. But the animals have only proved themselves to be better and deserving in many situations. A video is going viral on social media that shows an elephant in chains, but the animal’s gesture is moving netizens. The jumbo stops seeing a dead body, which appears to be of a dog, and changes its way, so that its legs won’t crush the deceased. While humans and vehicles are captured running without even noticing the dead animal on the road.

In the past years, many brutal cases against elephants have surfaced on the internet. Just last month, an elephant was killed by some resort workers in Tamil Nadu, who threw a burning tyre at it. Another video from the state showed mahouts beating an elephant, while tying it with a tree. And of course, how can we forget the pregnant elephant who was fed pineapple filled with crackers in Kerala. Even after these shocking incidents appearing in the headlines, there has been no slowdown in animal abuse. Activists and animal rights protectors are trying their best, but some individuals are subjecting animals to brutality and nature. The latest video shows another sight of torture against animals, yet they are more humane!

Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer, Susanta Nanda shared the video on Twitter. “In chains...Still more humane. Free all wild animals from chains & cages.” The video shows the jumbo stopping on its way, seeing the dead animal on the road and changing its way. Meanwhile, vehicles and humans are moving unbothered. Some cars were even captured running on top of the animal.

Watch the Viral Video:

The video is another great example of animals being more kind towards other beings, than us. Humans may be considered the more evolved species on Earth, but there is still much more to learn from the animals, who are far more humane than us!

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