Dr Shashi Tharoor and his voluminous vocabulary! Whenever the politician tweets something, the entire county looks up for the dictionaries at home. From politics to his personal opinions, Tharoor tweets about many subjects in the most articulate manner on the platform. But what catches people’s attention is his intrigue use of words that are lesser-known. On the ongoing fuel hike in India, the author once again took Tweeple by storm. The word is “Fillionaire.” His sarcastic dig at the current petrol and diesel price rise has impressed netizens, and they find it so relatable.

Petrol and diesel prices are far above their peak this year, touching Rs 100 mark in states like Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. The increase in prices has come amid the ongoing financial crisis, and job loses hit by the pandemic. The consistent hiking of petrol and diesel is only adding to people’s woes.

Tharoor’s latest tweet was relatable to desi Twitterati, who are a part of the current worrisome environment. Taking a sarcastic dig, he tweeted, his ‘word of the week,’ i.e. “Fillionaire,” which means, “one who can afford a full tank in India.” The politician also noted that the word is not his coinage, and congratulated to whoever came up with it, because it could not be any more relatable!

Here's the Tweet:

Much Like His Previous Tweets, This One Too Went Viral

Netizens Are Impressed!

The word is apt! It is not clear as to who first came up with the word, but it indeed explains the country's current circumstance. The war against COVID-19 is not yet over, and the consistent hiking of the fuel prices is only increasing the worries among people.

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