Grandma Wears Grandson's Sex Toy Mistaking Them for Thermal Socks, Watch Funny Video
Grandma wears grandson's sex toys (Photo Credits: Video grab)

Old age is often said to be like the stage of childhood. As children get curious about things around them, so do grandparents. But a grandmom's curiosity has gone too far and is now going viral, thanks to her grandson revealing one secret. A grandmother from Japan mistook her grandson's sex toys as thermal socks and they got stuck in her feet! In a series of tweets, the grandson revealed the funny story of his fleshlights on social media. And netizens cannot stop laughing about it. Best Sex Toy Ever? Mum's Elaborate Review of Vibrator Giving Unending Orgasm Goes Viral and The Product Sells Out!

Twitter user @analKABAO revealed that his grandmother thought his fleshlights were thermal socks and would keep her feet warm. Little did she know they would get stuck on her. She told him innocently that she's borrowed a pair of socks from his room. But when he reached his room, he was shocked! He posted pictures of the goof up on social media. Woman's Boyfriend Confuses Lint Remover for a Sex Toy, Leaves Her Terrified in Bed!

Watch Video of Grandmother Wearing her Grandson's Sex Toys:

The tweet has gone viral with over 79,000 shares. Removing these socks was not an easy task too. He posted a video to show the struggle of pulling out the socks from her legs. He had to tell her what it was so that she would take them off. He then tried to forcefully pull out the socks. He also posted a video of him pulling out the sex toy.

Watch Video of Him Pulling Out the Sex Toy From Grandmom's Feet:

The user also mentioned that he would no more use those fleshlights but asked if anyone was interested in buying them. He also joked that the socks were 'still warm.' Well, we can only imagine the awkwardness he must have faced at the situation.