#HorrorAnyMovie: Twitterverse Turns Basic Movie Titles into Horror Gems under One Crazy Hashtag – Read Tweets
Horror Any Movie (Photo Credits: Twitter @mrjafri, @BuffaloGregNY)

Twitter might be the weirdest place on planet Earth, if it were a place. In its latest weird shenanigan, Twitterverse came up with this hashtag - #HorrorAnyMovie - where people turned non-horror movie titles into horror ones. It was an opportunity for all to get crazy with their creativity as the hashtag gained steam. My eyes saw some titles that can never be unseen. So, why should I suffer alone? Here is me, having compiled the hell out of the best tweets of the trend, presenting it to you. Be warned, some of your favourite romantic comedies might just get ruined. ‘Today’s Tea Meme’ Is Taking Over Twitter, Serving One Funny Yet Uncomfortable Truth at a Time.

For me, the worst one was this dude, who thought it was okay to ruin the animated movie, Inside Out, which made grown-ups cry more than the kids. Boyfriend Mistakes Girlfriend's Temperature on Thermometer for Positive Pregnancy Test, Gets Trolled on Twitter.

Then there was this master of horror, who ruined another animated classic

Does this Twitter hate animated movies or what?

Now on to ruining some romantic comedy titles

Here are other honourable mentions

Go home sir, you have win the internet today

You stay away from Nemo.

So, those were some of the nastitest tweets under #HorrorAnyMovie that we could find. You can also let your freak fly high and tweet about some Bollywood movies. Maybe? If you do, don't forget to tag us. @Latestly is waiting to hear from you.