Boyfriend Mistakes Girlfriend's Temperature on Thermometer for Positive Pregnancy Test, Gets Trolled on Twitter
Boyfriend mistakes thermometer for pregnancy test (Photo Credits: Twitter and Pixabay)

An unplanned pregnancy can really be scary for a couple. A girl missing out on her period is a stressful situation for not just her but also her partner. A man in California was really scared when his girlfriend sent him a picture of a thermometer, to show she was running a fever. The guy mistook the picture for a pregnancy test with positive results. The girl posted the picture of his message on social media and no doubt, it has gone viral as people found it too funny. Girlfriend's List of 22 Rules for Her Boyfriend Goes Viral, People Tell Him to Dump Her!

The girl was running 100 degrees fever, so she sent it to her boyfriend just to show. The guy immediately freaked out and sent her a string of panic messages asking wasn't she on birth control. She reassured him it was her fever and that she wasn't pregnant. He supposedly replied with a long text later too. But the girl posted a screenshot of the initial confusion on her Twitter account and people were left laughing at the poor fellow's misery and advice her to dump him right away! Boyfriend Ate Kit Kat The Wrong Way, Twitter Advises Girl to Dump Him.

Boyfriend Mistook Girlfriend's Fever for Positive Pregnancy Test, Check Tweet: 

The tweet was liked over 1,75,000 times and retweeted more than 30,000 times. Check how some people reacted to it.

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What's a Thermometer Used For?

Someone had a similar experience too!

Poor fella got trolled!


A lot of people on Twitter even suggested to dump the guy, because he did not know the difference between a thermometer and a pregnancy test, and also that he wasn't ready for a child. But the girl cleared out and said that nor she is willing for a child right now. She mentioned that she put it out there for fun, but people started acting like they all were crafted to perfection. She's clearly not going to leave him and asked people to just chill out, instead of slamming him.