National Tea Day 2019 Funny Memes: India’s Love for Chai Is All Over Twitter, Facebook and Instagram via These Hilarious Memes and Jokes
Tea memes. (Photo Credit: Pexels and Twitter/strangest.things)

It is National Tea Day today aka the favourite day amongst Indians is celebrated on the 21st of April every year. Everyone loves tea in India. Tea or Chai as it is called in India reminisces of some hot gossip and a bit of chit chat away from all the stress we are surrounded with all the time. The term tea has no longer been associated with a beverage, no no, we have almost begun to use synonymously to gossip. Just like an age-old phrase- spill the tea-goes, the term 'tea' has begun to sound way more gossipy these days. We have served, sipped and spilt tea, in today's world, we serve tea on social media as 'today's tea.' Just like Kermit the frog's "but that’s none of my business" meme, Twitter now enjoy's "Today's tea." Not only "today's' tea memes" in fact there are many other kinds of tea memes that clearly reveals India's love for tea. An ASCII Art image in the form of a cup of hot tea went viral with a caption saying, "Today's tea," containing anything from a political satire or a lame joke and that went viral some time back. However, in India, tea is almost equivalent to all the top joys in the world! Desi Memes 2018: From Anushka Sharma to Sacred Games All Funny Indian Memes That Went Viral.

Here are some of the most fun tea memes from the internet for you!


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Kaha se aate hai ye log?


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Some "Today's tea" memes:


I mean like SERIOUSLY


CC all my girlfriends

Some offensive TRUTH has been spoken

*Shouts Bhagwan ke liye*

The tea just turned bitter

*regrets carrying books everywhere*

Sex is damn overrated

Truth served piping HOT!

Notice that smile, peeps, that's evil!!!

There. I said it.


BTW, on our hunt, we found that it is not a new found trend. It started in 2018, except that time the ASCII Art image of the cup was different. Check out a few memes:

What say?


Things change

No matter in what cup the 'tea' is served, tea lovers don't mind. We are totally loving all the versions of Today's Tea.