A large elephant seal was seen wandering around a coastal town in the South American town of Chile on Monday night. The residents of Puerto Cisnes were completely shocked to see the big mammal making way for itself through the streets. The massive marine mammal was recorded dragging itself for around 10 blocks through the streets in the country's south. Dozens of people including locals, police and sailors from the Chilean Navy tried to stop the seal using tarpaulins attempting to block the seal's path. Eventually, they formed a horseshoe around the seal forcing it back to the beach. No Selfies With Seals! UK Charity Tells Visitors to Stop Taking Photos With Marine Animals on Yorkshire Coast.

The elephant weighing around two-tonnes was filmed on camera by multiple people. Some said that the marine mammal was not aggressive, but rather looked confused. It is said that the animal became disoriented after coming ashore. People have posted multiple videos of the large elephant seal moving through their neighbourhood. Another video shows people guiding the mammal get back to the sea. People formed a semi-circle blockade around the seal ensuring it went back to the waters from where it came. Onlookers can be heard cheering and clapping as the sea animal makes its way back to the sea. Ugly 'Pup'ling! Rare Albino Seal Pup Spotted in Russia Might Get Rejected by Its Community But Internet is All Love! (Watch Pic and Video)

Massive Elephant Seal Found Going Around Coastal Town:

Seal Finds Way Back Home:

Nicolas Leiva, from Chile's National Fishing and Aquaculture Service, was quoted as saying, "This is a completely natural event, from August and September there are more sightings of elephant seals (and) penguins around the region." Elephant seals are large marine mammals with flippers which help them move easily in water. Southern elephant seals, which live in sub-Antarctic and Antarctic waters, are the largest of all seals.

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