Indian Idol Season 10: Judges' Dramatically Emotional Responses Have Turned into Funny Memes and Twitter Is Flooded with Jokes!
Hilarious Indian Idol jokes doing rounds on Twitter. (Photo Credit: Twitter/ sober_man)

The time when Indian Idol was new there weren't many reality shows and the whole concept of real talent hunt shows was like a rage at that time. We still remember in the year 2004 when the first season of Indian Idol aired and that made us super excited. Indian Idol had become a household name and a talk of the town.

However, how many times do you remember crying while watching the show? A fair number of times right? Indian Idol had an emotional connection with the people and most of it started with some sad story of talented contestants' background, isn't it?

Now that a lot of time has passed and there are umpteen of reality shows on so many shows, one thing that hasn't changed is the stories. Recently we the season 10 Indian Idol judge, Neha Kakkar Get Emotional on Indian Idol 10, here's why she cried. People now have started to make jokes about the emotional strings attached to the show and some of these jokes are super hilarious, take a look:

While we are nobody to judge if the show is biased towards people from humble backgrounds, we surely just can't stop rofling at these joked. If you like watching Indian Idol let us know what do you think about the emotional stories.