Madhya Pradesh’s heart and India’s pride as the ‘cleanest city,’ Indore has grabbed netizens' attention across social media. Heartwrenching videos surfaced online that captured Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) employees dumping a group of elderly homeless and disabled people outside the city limits. The clips have gone viral on the internet, sparking outrage. Following criticisms from the residents, the official team allegedly lugged them back on the same truck. Latest reports state that the government has launched a probe to find out who gave the ‘orders,’ despite allegations that some civic officials were ‘cleaning’ the Swachh city and their heartlessness were caught on camera.Indore bagged the title of India’ cleanest city for the fourth straight year in 2020.

Some alleged that the latest and disgraceful act caught on camera was an attempt to win the title this time too. A series of videos went viral showing an official team of IMC abandoning about eight to ten aged and homeless people. The videos capture older men and women, shivering in the cold, struggling to get down from the IMC truck. The dirty incident of inhumanity from India’s cleanest city has shocked people online. Sonu Sood Continues to Be a Messiah, Actor to Organise Accommodation for the Mistreated Elderly in Indore, Madhya Pradesh

The voice of the local resident can be clearly heard narrating how the IMC team has brought the homeless elderlies in a truck and then abandoned them on the highway and throwing their belongings on the same road. The video went viral in no time, triggering sharp reactions from all quarters.

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Priyanka Gandhi Vadra Shared Video, Calls For Action

After the localities questioned the inhuman act, the IMC workers forced the elderly people to get back up at the truck that brought them there. The government has reportedly launched an investigation. CM Shivaraj Singh Chouhan expressed outrage at the incident and via tweet stated that an IMC deputy commissioner and two employees were suspended.

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IMC additional commissioner Abhay Rajangaonka reported that an inquiry is being conducted to determine why these elderly people were not sent to state-run Rain Baseras (shelters). It is a shameful act, and more updates on the same are awaited.

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