Karachi Under a Massive Locusts Attack, Pakistan Minister Suggests Eat 'Tiddi Biryani' to The Residents of the Metropolitan City! Watch Video
Locust Attack in Pakistan (Photo Credits: Twitter)

While Locust attacks continue to raid the metropolis of Pakistan, a minister of the country has presented a solution that has left people with boggling minds. Locusts, also known as Tiddi in Hindi have caused great devastation to the residents of Karachi for the last two days creating a situation of great concern in the metropolitan city of Pakistan. However, while in such a situation, a video has emerged of the Agriculture Minister of Sindh Ismail Rahu presenting a simple solution to this horrific problem. In the viral video, he can be heard suggesting the citizens of Karachi that why not use the tropical grasshopper to make biryanis out of them, instead of being terrorised. His suggestion of preparing tiddi biryani using the insect has gone viral online. He advised, "They have come all the way here so the residents should eat them," supposedly as a part of a jibe.

Here's The Interview In Which Ismail Rahu Can Be Heard Suggesting 'Tiddi Biryani' as The Solution of The Growing Locust Problem in Karachi:

To give you a magnitude of the current locust problem Karachi is facing, check out this video below posted by a resident of Pakistan's metropolitan city:

Ismail Rahu also says that these insects do not harm crops in Malir. However, he assured that insecticide spray will be arranged in the affected areas. The minister said that people should not worry because the grasshoppers do not harm. The swarm of locusts when first entered the agricultural sector of Malir in Karachi, it was feared that crops spread over hundreds of acres of land would be destroyed. But that is not the case. However, did you know that tiddi or locusts are actually eaten in Karachi?

Take a Look At This Video of a Restaurant in The Metro City, Cooking the Insect:

The locusts have now spread to different parts of the city, including Malir, Korangi, Bahadarabad, Hasan Square, Nazimabad and other areas where these insects have been seen flying in abundance. The Qaid-e-Azam Trophy match between Sindh and Northern at the National Stadium was also interrupted for a while due to the swarm of locusts.