Baba Venga, a Bulgarian mystic nicknamed Nostradamus of the Balkans, has made a terrifying prediction about a natural calamity in India. Her prediction has made people worried. According to Baba Vanga, there will be a serious crisis in India this year. This can lead to starvation-like conditions. According to her, India will face deadly locust attacks due to a fall in temperature worldwide. These locusts will attack the crops and lead to food shortage resulting in a famine-like situation.

According to Baba Vanga, a fall in the temperature around the world will lead to an outbreak of locusts. This swarm of locusts will attack India and destroy the crops. This will result in a starvation-like situation in the country and may lead to a severe famine. Psychic Baba Vanga's 2 Out of 6 Chilling Predictions for 2022 Come True! Know What Are the Other Fearsome Prophesies By The Blind Mystic.

Baba Vanga had predicted the arrival of a new deadly virus from Siberia, alien attacks, locust invasions, floods in some countries, and drought in some countries. And an increase in virtual reality was predicted. So far two of Baba Vanga's predictions for 2022 have come true. Flooding has increased the problem in Australia, while Pakistan was brought to the knees due to floods. Baba Vanga's prediction of water scarcity in many cities has also come true. Apart from Portugal, many cities in Italy and other European countries have been suffering from the problem of drought this year.

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