Latest Instagram Trend Sees People Photoshopping Knuckles for That 'Hot Dog' Finger Look and It Is UNBELIEVABLE!
Knuckles photoshop on Instagram (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Instagram is all about perfection. Just a few minutes of Instagram scrolling and you'll be convinced that everything on the photo-sharing app is really as flawless as it looks like. Right from perfect-looking breakfasts to spotless skin to on-point hair and sky full of angelic clouds, a lot of what you see on Instagram is actually a product of photoshop and the most recent one to join the list as a "trend" are photoshopped knuckles. Yes, so many people who share pictures of their breath-taking manicures and extensions, actually photoshop their knuckles so that they look flawless and Instagram-worthy. Pushback, The Latest Instagram Trend Gives You The Perfect Figure and Flawless Pics In No Time. 

The urge of making the body look like as if it has no spots or pores is one of the most common trends until now. There are easy apps to make your facial skin look dewy, pinkish, golden, poreless, in short just the way you want it to be, but people are now airbrushing their knuckles which is the most natural part of their body and is caused by bending of fingers? This is just another level of fakeness, some of Instagram's content, has reached. Not only will it stage abnormal beauty standards but also a delusional world on the internet. The ‘Hip Tease’ Pose Is the Latest Booty-Flashing Pose That Instagram Is Going Crazy About!

An account on Twitter that belongs to Sara Tasker who is an "Instagram Expert" and goes by the handle name @meandorla tweeted some of the photoshopped pictures she had spotted with the caption: "New in “instagram trends that quietly frighten me” we have airbrushing out your knuckles for that “hot dog” look…" And the photos she has shared online are a reality check we desperately need! Falling Stars Challenge, This Weird Trend Is Russian Instagrammers’ New Favourite?

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This trend may seem appealing to many, but it is really just fueling, unnatural beauty standards. Someone on Instagram commented, "I just don’t understand anything anymore" and that is legit all of us, RN. We cannot help but ask, why was this at all needed? Aren't fingers that that bend and have knuckles real and beautiful? Unfortunately, Instagram influencers don't think so.