If there is one piece of news that is causing a buzz, literally, it is the swarms of locusts attack seen in several states of India. Videos and pictures of these desert locusts or locally called 'Tiddi Dal' are shared widely on the internet. After Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, swarms of these locusts entered Maharashtra on Wednesday. Now, there are more pictures and videos surfacing claiming to be from the financial capital city Mumbai. Although there are no official confirmations if locusts have entered the city premises, people on Twitter are wondering if the pictures and videos of the insects are true. Certain videos mention they are from Juhu, Vikroli and Colaba. Locust Attack Funny Memes and 'Tiddi Dal' Jokes Take over Twitter As Netizens Find Humour to Resurrect in This Difficult Time.

A swarm of desert locusts has entered the eastern part of Maharashtra in regions of Nagpur such as Wardha and Vidarbha. Reportedly, these hungry locusts damaged the crops of orange and vegetable plantations in the area. Farmers in the region have initiated chemical spraying on crops and vegetation to save them from the migratory pests, officials informed. It is not yet confirmed, if these swarms have reached Mumbai in a day. But people on Twitter have shared videos and pictures of some sightings, claiming to be from Mumbai. Locust Attack in India: From Banging Utensils, Beating Drums, Using Police Siren & Playing DJ, People Resort to Innovative Ways to Scare And Fight Tiddi Dal Invasion.

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Locust in Mumbai?

Swarms in Vikroli Area

In Someone's Balcony

From Colaba?

Or Juhu?

As you can see, the same video has been shared claiming to be from different locations within the city, which are far from each other. So it is highly unlike to be true. Meanwhile, some people also posted pictures of totally clear skies with no sight of any locust to stop people from panicking.

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Everything is Clear!

From Peddar Road

A lot of people have tweeted asking information if locusts have reached the city. There are no confirmations yet and there is no authenticity on the videos being shared on WhatsApp or Twitter. Besides, the videos shared recently of the clear region around show not a single sight of the insect. We would urge all readers to not panic and believe everything unless there is an authentic source to it.

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