Video of a man saving a baby eagle from drowning has gone viral on social media platforms. It shows the man rescuing the eagle from water in Invermere, British Columbia. Brett Bacon was on a weekend getaway with his family when he spotted the bird trying hard to stay on the surface of the water in a lake. He reportedly said that he initially mistook the bird for carpet floating in the lake. However, on a closer look, he realised it was an eagle. Curious Baby Seal Approaches Beachgoers at Aktau in Kazakhstan, Video Shows People Throwing Stones in Return.

Brett posted the video on Instagram with the caption, "Happy 4th of July, Saved a baby eagle from drowning in the middle of the lake, had to prove to my son I'm cool." Bacon told CTV, "It's not weird to see eagles and osprey go into the water to catch fish and then pop back up, but this thing was soaking wet and barely above the water." The video has received likes around 3,000 and people the comments section is filled with praises of Brett for rescuing the bird. One of the comments read, "That was amazing! Thanks so much for caring!"

Man Rescues Eagle From Drowning:

While he was trying to hold the eagle properly, seems that the bird tried to dig its talons in the man’s arm. Although the screams, the thereafter appears to be fine. The whole video was captured by his partner who can be heard asking if he is fine. The couple also has a baby together who can be seen lying in the boat's corner wrapped properly in a blanket.

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