Mastodon Gains Popularity Against Twitter in India; Here's What Netizens Are Saying About the New Platform
Twitter and Mastodon logos (Photo Credits: Twitter, Mastodon)

Mastodon, an open-source social networking service has seen a sudden rise in the recent past. The spike came after senior Supreme Court advocate Sanjay Hegde was told by microblogging site Twitter on Tuesday that his account which was suspended twice in two days will not be restored. Following which Hegde sent a legal notice to Twitter Inc and said he has no other option to:  migrate to an alternate platform like Mastodon". Following the incident, several social media users created accounts on Mastodon showcasing their support to the advocate. People took to Twitter saying that Mastodon was a "happier" alternative to the world-popular social media platform. Mastodon An Alternative To Twitter? How To Create Account on Open Source Social Network.

Mastodon was created by German coder Eugen Rochko in 2016. It is an open-source social networking service that lets users to either host their own 'community' or join an existing one. While the platform is quite similar to Twitter, it has differences also. The 'communities' are servers that are connected to each other in a decentralised social network, part of the larger Fediverse. What sets the platform apart is the fact that a single entity is not controlling the data on the site. Users of one 'community' can easily communicate with members of other groups.

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Mastodon's Twitter bio reads: "the social network of the future: no ads, corporate surveillance, ethical design, and decentralisation! Own your data with Mastodon—Try it today for free". Following Hegde's incident with Twitter, many Dalit scholars and activists also temporarily suspended or restricted their accounts. Those who started using Mastodon said that the platform had a positive vibe. From its zero-tolerance policy towards any bias, online hate or trolling and word limit, many are in praises of the platform.