Me - Vijay Trends on Twitter: Here's Why Netizens are Sharing Pictures of the South Superstar and How it All Started!
Me- Vijay is trending on Twitter and here's why! (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Not long ago, Twitter accidentally dropped the 'Contractor Nesamani' bomb. Remember, a few weeks ago, Twitter was buzzing with the hashtag ' prayforNesamani'and several users were adding 'Contractor Nesamani' to their handles? Now in a similar fashion, a game on the micro-blogging site has got the whole nation talking about Thalapathy Vijay. If you happen to go on Twitter right now, you would find 'Me Vijay' to be one of the top trends in India. The trend took off after netizens started posting tweets regarding their favourite actors and whom those in their family like.

For the uninitiated, the game follows a pattern stating the favourite actors of family members, which means, “Dad – A, Mom – B, Me – C, etc.” After several users, mentioned their favourite actor as Vijay, the trend “Me – Vijay” caught on. Nesamani Memes Are Going Viral: EXPLAINED! Here’s Why #PrayForNesamani Posts Are Trending On Social Media.

The fans of the actor are now posting pictures of the star and tweeting 'Me Vijay' along with it to keep the trend going. Here are some of the tweets from the 'Me Vijay' game.






The trend is still very much raging on Twitter and in case you are a fan of Vijay or want to play the same game, you can still Tweet about it.