Miss Africa 2018 Dorcas Kasinde's Hair Catches Fire on Stage! Scary Winning Moment Goes Viral
Miss Africa 2018 hair wig caught fire (Photo credit: Video grab)

Beauty pageant finales are meant to be happy, celebratory occasions. The winning moment is the most awaited and joy known no bounds when the title is conferred on the winner. But unfortunately, the happy scenario of Miss Africa 2018 beauty pageant turned tragic for Miss Congo Dorcas Kasinde, who won the title. She won the beauty pageant but the sparklers flashing on the stage burnt Kasinde's hair. Things turned from happy to scary, minutes within the declaration of the winner. The video clip from the event which shows the tragic incident is widely shared on the internet. Miss Talavera Bruce 2018: Female Prisoners from Rio Participate in Beauty Pageant, View Pics.

Kasinde hugged one of her competitors after she was declared the winner of the African pageant hosted by the Cross River State Government on Friday. Celebratory sparklers were burst on stage to mark the happy moment. But one of the sparks fell on Kasinde's wig and her entire head was turning into a fireball. She started screaming and before any more damage, a man jumped and helped to put the fire out. There was panic on the stage as well as for the onlookers. Miss Universe 2018 Winner Name: Catriona Gray from Philippines is Crowned as Successor of Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters in the 67th Edition of the Beauty Pageant.

Watch Video of Miss Congo Dorcas Kasinde's Hair Catching Fire at Miss Africa 2018 Event

The blaze was quickly controlled and she suffered no injuries. Kasinde was awarded $35,000 and a car for her title of Miss Africa 2018. She did not let the scary incident deter her, she put her crown and carried on for the next part of the show. "I’m good. My hair… it’s okay. I feel good now. Thank you!" she said in another message later.

Watch Picture Miss Africa 2018 Winner With Her Crown and Prize

Soon after, the official handle also put out a message from here reassuring she's fine. She thanked everyone who supported in her this journey and was enthusiastically look forward to a new start. The incident was indeed scary but thankfully it did not turn into something scarier.