Miss Talavera Bruce 2018: Female Prisoners from Rio Participate in Beauty Pageant, View Pics
Beauty pageants for women prisoners in Rio (Photo credits: Twitter/MatthieuMohan)

A life within the confines of a prison is visualised as very tiring and can get challenging. But female prisoners from western Rio were part of a different challenge to contest for a beauty pageant. Every year there is a beauty contest held for the women prisoners here awarding the crown of Miss Talavera Bruce. It is a time to ditch the prison uniforms and wear beautiful dresses, forget the life behind the bars for a while and enjoy the indulgence in makeup and dress up. 25-year-old inmate Veronica Verone won the title of Miss Talavera Bruce 2018. Adi Rani 2018, Kalinga Tribal Queen Contest: Pallavi Durua From Odisha is India's First Winner.

Prisoners have to face a lot of mental pressure and lack of self-confidence while they serve their period behind the bars for whatever reasons. But this beauty pageant is one way to help them gain self-esteem and also promotes integration among all of them. Family members of the prisoners are also present at the contest, offering more support and confidence to the convicts. Raquel Rodrigues, a 28-year old prisoner was quoted to AFP, "When I was imprisoned, my daughter was only 9 months old." Her daughter now 5-year-old was present at the contest. Are Beauty Pageants Really Helping Young Women Achieve Their Dreams or Just Validating Beauty Stereotypes?

View Pictures of the Female Prisoners from Rio Taking Part in Beauty Pageant 

Ana Cristina Faulharber, coordinator of female and LGBT prisons in Rio de Janeiro said, "Bringing activities here is a way to re-socialize (the women), to make them think about change." The pageant has become popular over the years and while prisoners have a notorious reputation everywhere, this event takes a break and builds on for the confidence,