Raphael Samuel, the man who has made international headlines for taking his parents to court for giving birth to him, may be fighting the world to prove his point. But he’s been getting all the support for his freethinking from the last person who we’d expect it from – his mom who’s being sued. The 27-year-old businessman from Mumbai is an antinatalist who believes that human beings should not procreate. They believe that life is full of hardships. By bringing a person into this world, parents don’t leave their kids with a lot of choice but to go ahead with the life of suffering. Samuel sued his both his parents since he was brought into the world without his consent. Raphael Samuel Sues His Parents For Bringing Him Into This World Without His Consent! Watch Video of The Anti-Natalist Man.

Ever since his story caught fire, Samuel has been subjected to a lot of online hate, especially on his Facebook profile. Commentators have been foaming at the mouths, trolling him for ingratitude towards his parents. But yesterday, he unleashed the ultimate bhramastra against haters  – his mother’s proud testimony. Through her son’s Facebook account, Kavita Karnad Samuel explained how proud she was of her son for his “temerity” to take them to court, especially since she and her husband are both lawyers.

Here’s the FB post:

In a three-point testimony, Kavita also explains that if her son manages to prove in court as to how he could have sought his consent to be born, they will accept their fault. She also criticised the media for focusing on only a “sliver” of what Samuel believes in. Kavita also lauded her son’s fearless, independent thinking and his passion towards the planet and its future.

In an interview with LatestLY Raphael had told us how proud his parents are. With his mom’s clarification, Samuel can hopefully put all the haters to rest. As for the court case, let’s all keep our fingers crossed.

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