Mothers Love! Stray Dog With Neck Stuck in Pipe Still Fed Its Puppies in Mumbai, Rescued After Hours of Struggle
Stray dogs (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

A stray dog in Mumbai showed the best of its maternal instincts when she somehow managed to feed her puppies, although its neck was stuck around a drainage pipe. The incident took place in Mumbai's Marol region where a stray dog had its neck and snout horribly stuck in a drainage pipe. The dog tried to break free from the pipe but it could not. Meanwhile, she had littered 5 puppies and despite the pain, she fed them. Dog Adopts Abandoned Baby Monkey in Madhya Pradesh Village, Cute Video Goes Viral.

According to Times of India report, a resident named Ranjith MG who regularly feeds strays in the area saw that the dog's neck was caught in the pipe. "I noticed her around 6.30pm and tried to extricate her, but could not. She could neither eat nor drink due to the albatross," he told. He then contacted an NGO then contacted Awaaz Voice of Stray Animals. Mother Dog Coping with Loss of Puppies Adopts Baby Possum (Watch Video).

The continuous heavy rain in the region had flooded the area and since it was dark, the team also could not locate the dog easily. Plus the dog wasn't too friendly and ran away as they got close. But a new mother to a litter of five pups, she came to feed her pups at around 11 pm. The rescuers then cornered her and tried to take off the pipe, but it wasn't as easy. "We tried to pull the pipe out, but she started choking. We tried to cut it with scissors and a knife, but it was too thick," informed Amit Pathak from the NGO.

Finally, the rescuers had to pinch the skin around the scruff so that the pipe became loose. And then the pipe slipped out effortlessly. Once free from the strangulating pipe, the mother immediately ran to the pups to feed them. Just as the rains have caused discomfort to the people in the city, it is an even bigger problem for the stray animals. So we advise all readers to always be on the lookout for strays who might be in dire need of help.