Dog Adopts Abandoned Baby Monkey in Madhya Pradesh Village, Cute Video Goes Viral
Dog adopts baby monkey in India (Photo Credits: Video grab)

Dogs are called a man's best friend but their compassion clearly just doesn't limit to humans alone. In fact, animals have proved it numerous times that they can take care of someone going beyond their own. A new video has been going viral on the internet which shows a dog taking care of a baby monkey like its own. A pet dog named Ruby has adopted an abandoned monkey in the Central Indian village near Seoni Malwa in Hoshangabad district. It is a stray dog but has taken it upon herself to look after this baby monkey. The video shows the two getting along too well like they are the best of friends. The cute video is going viral. Golden Labrador Adopts Nine Orphaned Ducklings; Twitter is Flooded with Pictures of the Cutest Bond!

According to a report in Ladbible, the locals in the village said this baby monkey was attacked by a group of dogs when Ruby spotted the chaos and rescued it. Since then the pair is inseparable. Suresh Prabhy who is the owner of Ruby said, "The baby monkey was roaming along in the area when a pack of dogs surrounded him. Before they could rip him apart, my dog Ruby intervened and saved his life." He added that she is very protective of the monkey. 

Watch Video of a Dog Talking Care of the Baby Monkey

It is indeed a cute video, right? It is lovely how Ruby has become a full-time mother to the baby monkey and feeds milk like her own child. The two also ride along together. Since she does not have any pups, she has indeed adopted this monkey and takes care of it well. Mother Dog Coping with Loss of Puppies Adopts Baby Possum (Watch Video).

The pair has become such a hit in the town, that locals step out to spot the pair together. Ruby has become no less than a star and people gather to feed her, so that she gets along with her baby monkey. It is indeed cute to see the dog showering all her motherly love on the monkey.