How does your hair look without applying a conditioner? Well, that's what 'Naked Hair' is all about! It's about leaving your hair the way it is without manipulating its look. Started by Instagrammer Jade Kendle, the trend has almost become a movement among Black women with curly hair. After trying an array of products that gave short-lived results, Jade was tired of it. She understood that she had forgotten what her natural hair looked like. So she kept away all her products wore her 'Naked Hair'. Jade took to Instagram in May with a picture of her hair that did not have defined curls and looked a bit frizzy. Curly Hair Problems and Solutions! 6 Things You Should Do to Take Care of Your Curls.

Along with the photo she wrote, "This is my hair with NOTHING in it. I started forcing myself to wear my hair without anything in it every so often & it was PAINFUL at first. I was battling the pressure to ALWAYS STYLE IT. I started realizing what all those products were doing. Often, not #moisturizing but #masking the true integrity of my hair. I couldn’t tell you what product was doing what to my hair because I ALWAYS had something in it! I had to #learn to love my hair in it’s natural state. When was the last time you let your hair be #Naked?" And thus the 'Naked Hair Movement' gained momentum. Konkona Sen Sharma Embraces Her Natural Curly Hair During Lockdown.

That's Jade in Naked Hair:

Check Out Photos of Women Posing With Their 'Naked Hair':


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Naked Hair Styling!


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Naked Hair Challenge:

Naked Hair Challenge Accepted:


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Flaunting Natural Curls!


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Doesn't Her Hair Look Beautiful?


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Her initiative encouraged many others to follow the trend. And as more and more women started to post photos of their natural hair on Instagram, some said that not using products helped their hair gain strength. What started as just a hashtag initiated talks on black women being expected to follow social conventions. And this movement has opened positive conservations among the natural hair community. Kendle told Refinery that not using products has helped them reevaluate their consumption from a personal sustainability perspective also.

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