NASA in Halloween Mode! Space Agency Releases Spooky Images of Creepy Bugs and Things Captured on Meteor Cameras (View Pics)
NASA meteor images (Photo Credits: Twitter/NASA)

Halloween 2019 may have been celebrated yesterday but the spookiness of All Saints Day is still alive. And NASA has caught Halloween fever too! The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has released a series of spooky pictures that were accidentally captured due to bugs sitting on their cameras. NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office has shared some eerie pictures that were a result of some creepy crawlies sitting in front of the camera lens.  The images really captured the spirit of Halloween. Ghoulish Jack-o-Lantern Wins NASA’s Poll for Creepiest Pic From Space Beating Skull Asteroid and Cosmic Nebula for Halloween 2019 (View Pics).

NASA has specialised cameras, a part of the bigger camera network meant to observe meteors and study their nature. The very big meteors existing in the universe are captured through these cameras. But not all images can be perfect. Some of them can have bugs, quite literally and the result is spooky! What happens when there are spiders, bigs and strange objects that come in this way of these cameras? NASA tweeted the creepy resultant images and people are spooked out too.

Check The Creepy Images Captured on NASA's Meteor Cameras:

Magnified Spiders, Why?

Where Are the Aliens?

Spidy on Mars?

That's Freaky But Cool

Just a day before Halloween, NASA had also released an image of the sun burning and making an impression like a creepy Jack-O'-Lantern. They had also released a few other ghoulish images earlier and asked people on the internet as to what creeped them out the most? And the sun's image was the winner. Well, just like the earth, space also seems to have its share of eerieness.