North Carolina Driver Surprised by Snake Crawling on his Car’s Windshield; Watch Viral Video
Representational Image (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Snakes are freaking terrifying, well at least to some of us. Fear of snakes is one of the most common phobias. They have many habits and characteristics that can downright give you the willies. And their surprising visits are no less! Much similar incident happened to a man in North Carolina when he saw a large snake slithering on the windshield of his vehicle. The viral video shows the snake crawling up on the windscreen of the car figuring out its way which has got over 139,000 views (and still counting).

Ben Bryant got a slinky surprise this summer when a snake paid him a visit. On his Facebook post, he said that the snake dropped out of a tree above him in Asheville, North Carolina and the video has garnered thousands of views and shares. “Crazy! Dropped out of the tree above me in West AVL (Asheville),” Bryant wrote on Facebook. However, it is unclear to which species it belongs to but few commenters on his post say that the snake is an Eastern Rat snake.

Watch video of snake slithering on a car's windshield! 

Similar incident happened last year when a Gastonia resident, Kecha Robinson was driving with her husband who spotted a snake near the car’s windshield wipers. Robinson’s husband assumed that it might have crawled onto the car from the ground. As the snake started slithering in the front of the car, Robinson took her cell phone to capture the moment. Such videos are terrifying and definitely not something that anyone wants to appear on their windshield.