Profiles of Sex Workers on Tinder Are Deleted Because of Their Profession? US Women Complains Against Dating App
Tinder application (Photo credits: Facebook/Tinder)

Dating applications, the smartphone-dwelling matchmakers have reshaped the concept of dating. Despite a big cultural annoyance about the process, the vast majority of people think that, ultimately apps are a good way to meet people. Among all the applications, Tinder is on the top. But it also has upset many users. Not just the ones who could not find their match, but recently the sex workers. In Europe and North America, these women reportedly complained about their accounts being deleted with Tinder offering no explanation but that they had breached the app’s terms of service. Tinder Horror! Woman Tricks Around 100 Men On Dating App By Gathering Them For a Mass Dating Competition. 

Tinder bans soliciting on its platform. But several sex workers argued that they did not use the accounts for commercial jobs. According to BuzzFeed News, it appears that these women’s account was shut only after revealing their jobs to be transparent with potential dates. Clementine, a 30-year-old sex worker, based in Vancouver, Canada reported, “I’ve had Tinder for about four or five years on-and-off. I’ve been escorting as my full-time job, my main source of income anyway, for about eight or nine months. I changed my bio to put that was my job because I want to weed out people who wouldn’t want to date me because of my job — a lot of insecure men feel like they can’t date an escort.” Tinder Adds Bitmoji to Up the Flirting Game! Swipe Right & Impress Your Match With Stickers via Snapchat. 

Another user named Kiki told the Daily Dot, “They are discriminating against me because I was honest and wanted the guy to know what I do up front to make sure his okay with it before we go any further.”

In Clementine’s case, instead of responding to the claims, Tinder pointed its guidelines that the app prohibits promotion, solicitation, prostitution and trafficking. The instructions read, “Promoting or advocating for commercial sexual services, human trafficking or other non-consensual acts is strictly prohibited and will result in your account being banned for Tinder.”

Clementine further said that she thinks that Tinder is shutting down sex worker profiles to avoid falling lewd of the U.S. President Donald Trump’s SESTA/ FOSTA Legislation. A bill made combining Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA) and Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) was signed by President Trump in April, this year to put a stop to sex trafficking happening online. On this, Clementine said, “They’re an American company, and they can be prosecuted because of the anti-trafficking law – clearly I’m [not] being trafficked. It’s bullshit.”