Romeo of Rimini Who Claimed Sleeping With 6,000 Women Dies While Having Sex
Romeo of Rimini dies at 63 (Photo credits: Twitter/FancyDiMaria)

Italy's most famous playboy nicknamed as the Romeo of Rimini has died doing what he was notorious for- having sex. Maurizio Zanfanti was 63-years old and died while having an intercourse with a 23-year old tourist. He had a heart attack during sex and could not be revived by the paramedics. He died in his own European estate in Pradella area of Rimini. He has apparently slept with almost 6,000 women as he holds a reputation of a famous nightclub promoter of the 1970s. Sex Addiction is a Mental Health Disorder, WHO Declares. 

The girl was shocked and called the paramedics, however, they were not able to revive him. He was declared dead. Zanfanti started as a promoter at the age of 17 in Rimini, which is known as a beach-side party place, so his interaction with a lot of females is guaranteed. He is known for boasting about his ability to sleep with 200 women in the summer. He was working for a nightclub named Blow Up, where he would have a good chat with the women on the street and invited them to party at his venue. He has even boasted about his promoting skills, calling his work more than what tourist promoting agencies of Rimi would have done. Dad Slaps Couple Having Sex in Children's Cricket Ground in Leeds, Watch Video.

The Romeo of Rimini had long hair and a chest wig which made him persuasive to the girls. He has been referred to as "Italy's most successful lover" in some newspaper reports. When he was 59, he admitted he was getting old but he sure wasn't completely retiring until it took his life. The Italian media has written his death as the way he would have wanted to go.