Dad Slaps Couple Having Sex in Children's Cricket Ground in Leeds, Watch Video
Man smacked the couple having sex in cricket ground (Photo credits: Video grab)

Public display of affection is fine but going all intimate and indulging in sex can get uncomfortable. More so, when people are doing it in all open, uncaring for the surroundings. A dad had to take control of a couple getting all wet and wild in the middle of a cricket ground in the UK. He tried calling the cops over and over again but there was no response. So the furious father headed to them and smacked them! Sex Addiction is a Mental Health Disorder, WHO Declares.

The incident took place at the Roundhay Park in Leeds, that too in broad daylight. The woman was sleeping on her back and the guy pulled down his pants, not considering their surroundings. It was a cricket ground and the entire incident has been caught on videotape. The father, whose son was one among the many children playing cricket there, was sure furious with such indulgent behaviour of the couple.

Take a look at the video of the man smacking the couple having sex in a public ground:

The mother who has filmed the incident was calling the police authorities, She can be heard saying, "Hi, I reported half an hour ago some people having sex in the park in the middle of loads of kids playing cricket and they are now at it again and no police car has turned up yet." While the dad was yelling in the background. It was the 6th time they were calling in to report. Three people had reported it but there was no action. But the caller said they will send in a unit as soon as possible.

The dad was too furious to wait and just went ahead and smacked the half-naked man. He slapped the guy twice and a guy than ran towards the scene. The police did not arrive at the spot and the couple left.