Video of a woman appearing to float mid-air before falling into the water while swinging on a rope has gone viral on social media platforms.Watch The Video Below:

A Chinese delivery boy climbed two floors to save a baby stuck in the grills of the balcony. His courageous attempt was praised online.Watch The Video Below:

Video of a what could have been a terrible accident getting averted has gone viral on social media platforms. A bicycle that got crashed into a motorcycle got carried away by a vehicle in China.Watch The Video Below:

Viral video of an Egyptian journalist running out of the studio after being chased by a monkey during an interview goes viral. Watch video:

A pic of a cat standing in a pink and white apron while staring the pile of dishes in the sink has gone viral with hilarious reactions. Check Tweet:

A video of a frog playing a video game has gone viral on social media platforms. The frog tries to eat ants from a smartphone but when the man interferes bites his finger.Watch the video here:

Nagpur Police wittily used Kuch Kuch Hota Hai movie scene to give a message of wearing a mask while going out.Check the tweet here:

May 28 marks Veer Savarkar Jayanti. On his birth anniversary, netizens are paying tribute to him by remembering his contributions to the nation.Check some tweets:

A 76-year-old lady from Andhra Pradesh was captured enjoying on a swing, just like the kids too. She is standing on the small swing and her happiness shows. The video is too cute.Watch the video here:

Start your day with some positivity. Netizens have shared wonderful images and good morning quotes to begin the day.Check tweets:

It’s another day, and you are ready for your ‘new normal’ activities. But first thing, first, tap your back for surviving the pandemic so bravely. Amid the increasing tension, humans across the world are coping with the ‘new normal’ life by staying at home, working and following social distancing protocol. While this may continue for longer than we could have ever imagined, social media users are playing significant roles in spreading joy and hope, as the world deals with a pandemic. For all the trending topics, viral videos and funny memes of the day, watch out this space, as we will bring you the latest updates that netizens are sharing today, May 28, 2020.

As of now, you must have seen #ThursdayThoughts and #ThursdayMotivation to trend on Twitter. Lockdown or no lockdown, sharing early morning motivational thoughts have become a ritual on social media, and it surely trends in the early hours every day. In case you are looking for some inspiration, check no further but open your social media to see the beautiful quotes and Good Morning messages that netizens are sharing. They are enough to pull you out from the bed and start the day. In addition, we sure are hoping for more viral trends to appear on social media in the coming hours.

Do not worry, as in this blog, we will bring you all the updates from the world of social media. The viral trends, hashtags, posts, images, memes and videos that are spreading information and also joy amid the pandemic. Happy Thursday!