An adorable video of a boy catching his "biggest fist" yet and then releasing it into the water is winning hearts online. In the clip going viral, the boy can be heard saying, "I hope you go back and be better," as he gently places the fish back in the water.Watch Viral Video:

An octopus tried to start a tug-of-war with a diver trying to steal his GoPro. Media reports identified the marine diver as Lawrence Scheele was snorkeling off the coast in his hometown Sydney, Australia. He stumbled across the the marine animal who was probably not impressed with him but the camera.Watch Viral Video:

A viral video showing a cockroach dragging a cigarette across a sewer grate, struggling a bit, but seems determined to get its nicotine fix is going viral on social media. Without any debate, the insect crawled for a fame. It is the new internet sensation online and people cannot just stop talking about it. The Cigarette-Smoking Cockroach has even sparked a meme-fest online. Read the full story hereWatch Viral Video:

Lady Gaga's latest tweet is going viral on Twitter leaving some of her fans confused as to what it means. She tweeted, "Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu." The American singer has taken her followers into frenzy by her recent tweet. While some are confused, others were quick to provide a translation.Here is Her Tweet:

Confused Twitterati:Smarties Come to the Rescue:

In a horrific event, a child survived miraculously after he fell from second floor of a building on a moving rickshaw. The incident occured in Madhya Pradesh and a CCTV adjusted in the area captured the moment. The child's father reported to ANI that he was playing on the second floor with family members. He lost his balance and fell from the railing.Watch Viral Video:

At one of the viral moments today, a video featuring two buskers performing together across a subway platform in New York City is going viral. Netizens are captivated with the melodious tune as they play their respective violin, standing opposite to each other at different platforms.Watch Viral Video:

A narrow escape of a leopard from getting attacked by a hyena has send chills down the spine to the netizens. The video capturing the dramatic moment, shows the leopard who could not avoid the hyena as the latter pounced in from of the big cat. The animal quickly jumps and climbs up a tree in order to save itself.Watch the Viral Video:

Jimmy the dog from California fell down a steep cliff-face at Bells Beach in Victoria, Australia. Fortunately, the stranded adventurer was reunited with its family after CFA rescuers saved the pooch.Watch Viral Video:

Meeting your new sibling can be tough. Rupert the husky took time but finally got along with his new sister, Lola. Watch as both huskies get introduced in the cute video!When Rupert Met Lola

Kids do what they want. Remember the little girl who took over a fitness class to teach the others some moves? Something similar has gone viral where a kid playing the Tubas loses himself in the music and start dancing instead!Watch Video of the Adorable Kid

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The day where families join in, friends make time for one another after a tiresome week, students wind down, couples relaxes over a cup of coffee and where individuals nap away the stress of the prior week. Sunday is here! And we could not explain any better. It is the most treasured day of the week. People online have welcomed Sunday with heart-warming messages. Like any other day, viral memes and videos cannot take leisure. The chances of videos surfacing online are even more. All trending topics, viral videos and funny memes shared by netizens today, October 20, 2019, will be happily updated in this blog.

The past week we have seen a lot of videos and memes going crazy viral. Especially the kids, some complaining and others are dancing around to give netizens a laugh. We have religiously shared it with you all. As of now, Twitter has begun their day with good #SundayThoughts and #SundayMotivations to kick-start Sunday. Can they keep calm? Well, we do not think so. The day has only begun, and we expect a lot of clips and hilarious reactions on the social media platforms. After all, they are going to make our Sunday much better, than already it is.

Stay tuned with us to know what is cooking on the internet. This blog will continuously be updated with light-hearted moments captivating social media. And in case you find any tweets or posts going viral, get to our attention too by leaving a comment below. Happy Sunday!