#TuesdayThoughts: These Positive Tweets, GIF Images and WhatsApp Messages Will Ease Your Stress!
Tuesday Thoughts (Photo Credits: File Image)

It is only Tuesday and we all are already exhausted. Monday is the day where people are still in the weekend mode and on Tuesday mornings, you need some extra energy to drag yourself out of  bed. Nevertheless, you start counting the number of days left for the beloved weekend. And that is how you manage to get up! But today could be little more traumatic. On a Tuesday morning, Mumbaikars woke up annoyed as trains in central line are running late and add to this an ongoing Ola and Uber driver strike in Mumbai.  While you prepare yourself to adjust in this hustle and face another day at work, we bring you few WhatsApp messages, super cool GIFs and inspirational quotes to remind you to keep pushing.

Whether it is a Monday or Tuesday or Friday, Twitterati can never stay calm! Their accurate humour can turn any dull day into a cheerful one. In the millennial world, everyday has a corresponding hashtag. Tuesday too has its very own #TuesdayThoughts and here is the list that spoke out well. These tweets are definitely going to help all of us get over the boredom of another boring Tuesday. They are funny as well as stirring and will ensure you to stay positive throughout the day. Here are the best inspiring quotes, tweets and WhatsApp messages that will enhance your day.

A postage stamp! 

It's only Tuesday? Monday took so long, I thought it was Wednesday!

Be more human. 

I am trying to eliminate negativity from my life. Therefore, Mondays are now "Taco Tuesday Eve". Until further notice! Taco Tuesday GIF. 

Yes, anyone can! 

Tough time never last. But tough people do!

Working days are not always boring. Go ahead interact with your colleagues, your boss or your teachers or students. Practise mindfulness, even if you have to stare at the blue light of your computer screen! You have so many opportunities to turn this dull day around! So, what’s is your thought on a beautiful Tuesday?