A funny video of a dog barking at a painting on the street has been shared online. The confused expressions of this labrador are too funny.Watch The Video Here:

Memes have become such a great source of entertainment today. The latest memes on the internet are on life before certain inventions. These are funny memes and jokes which take references from daily situations and how they were before the things were invented. Check more memes here.Check some funny tweets here:

A video of a python snake strangulating a monkey in Thailand has come up online. What's surprising is, despite a herd of monkeys trying to save it, the snake did not let go of its prey. The video is going viral.Watch the video here:

October 29 marks the celebration of World Stroke Day. It is a day that aims to create awareness of the prevention and treatment of the condition. People are sharing messages and tips on how to maintain good heart health.Check some of the tweets here:

It is the celebration of National Cat Day in the US today. And on this day, netizens have taken to social media to share adorable pictures of their pet cats.Check some tweets on #NationalCatDay:

We all talk on video calls pretty regularly but a TikTok video shows how the person on the other side looks at you. It is basically your reflection but a girl has shown it on video and people are left bewildered too. Watch the video here:

A funny clip has been shared online which shows a little boy enjoying a function that's playing an opera in the background. While the boy tries to mock the singing, his expressions are too funny.Check the funny video here:

In Madhya Pradesh, a traditional Hingot war is held every year during Diwali. This is an age-old tradition of residents of Gautampura, about 59 km from Indore, where they hurl fireworks (called hingots) at each other. A video from this tradition has been shared online and it looks quite scary. 
Watch the video here:

An auspicious celebration of Bhai Dooj is being marked today. A very important and the last day of Diwali is celebrated with much enthusiasm by everyone. People are posting messages and greetings of Happy Bhai Dooj online.Check some tweets here:

Apple just launched its new AirPods Pro and just like every other product launched by the company, this is also getting trolled brutally. few are trolling for the price, few are trolling for the design.Tweets on Apple AirPods Pro

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It's a Tuesday and are you ready for the second day of the week? Or is the festive celebrations and vibe all around making you lazy. Then to beat those Tuesday blues, hashtags like #TuesdayThoughts and #TuesdayMotivation have started trending on social media. Positive quotes, thoughts and images are shared online. Through this live blog section, we will keep you updated with all the trending topics, funny memes and viral videos from around the world. We will try and share all the interesting stories, funny memes, popular tweets, and everything trending from around the world.

Today also marks the celebration of important day of Bhai Dooj. Also known as Bhau Beej, this day marks the relationship between a brother and sister. This is the day of family get-togethers and making beautiful memories. So people would share their Bhau Beej celebrations on social media. October 29br also marks the celebration of World Stroke Day. This day is marked to raise awareness of the prevention and treatment of the condition, and ensure better care for survivors. So messages and quotes about heart health are likely to trend online. It is also the celebration of National Cat Day in the US. So feline lovers might share cute pictures and adorable videos of cats online.

We will try and keep you all updated with the trending topics throughout the day. If there are interesting news and events happening around the world we will keep a tab on them here. From funny memes, viral videos and trending topics, stay tuned with us.