Uber Driver Throws Passenger in a Fountain in Manhattan! Here’s Why (Watch Video)
Uber driver throws passenger in fountain in Manhattan. (Photo Credits: Zeeshan Ali/Instagram)

On Monday, a Facebook user Kara Flagg uploaded a 23-second video clip of an Uber driver throwing a passenger inside a fountain on the streets of Manhattan, New York. Unaware that what seemed to be a violent behaviour was nothing but a prank, Kara posted the video of the brawl on her Facebook account. Later, on Tuesday, the Uber driver identified himself as Daniel Jean and took to Instagram and revealed the fight was a prank.

In the video, a tall built uber driver is seen throwing a passenger half his size into the fountain. The driver is heard shouting profanities at the other man, saying: ‘F**k this s**t! Don’t disrespect me like that! ‘The f**k you think this s**t is! You rich f**k!’ Kara captioned the video: “Don’t disrespect your uber driver…or anyone for that matter #deserved #worldstar.”

Watch Video of Uber Driver Throwing Passenger in Fountain

In the comments of the video, Kara described the moments leading up to the violent fountain toss. “The little guy kept going and going with his mouth till the big guy got out and asked him to exit the vehicle. Once he got him out, the little guy kept going and he clearly warned to stop. The little guy ended up smacking the big guy square in the face. And then the grab and toss occurred. He was warned,” Kara explained.

However, several of Kara’s viewers recognised the ‘driver’ in the video as well as the passenger. They were actors who make prank videos of this sort and post them to Instagram and YouTube. While Jean played the role of the fed-up driver, Zeeshan Ali was the disrespectful passenger. And together, they managed to fool the real-life witnesses and online viewers.

Ali’s Instagram page showcases various other video clips of his New York stunts, meanwhile Jean’s Instagram shows him taking down other loud-mouthed people like Ali and throwing other people out of his van in the streets of New York. Kara’s Facebook video had been viewed 37,000 times within a day.