Amid the coronavirus pandemic, most companies are resorting to Zoom calls for conducting business meetings. However, with more people using the virtual meeting service, funny Zoom call incidents are going viral almost every day. One of the most recent to add the list is of a businessman who appeared naked on a Zoom call with the Brazilian president! Yes, the poor man may have forgotten to turn off his camera and went shirtless. During the virtual meeting with Jair Bolsonaro organised by Paulo Skaf, the president of the Federation of Industries of the State of Sao Paulo, this incident took place and soon went viral like wildfire.

President Bolsonaro went ahead to interrupt the meeting when he spotted the naked man, who is said to have been working as an advisor. He reportedly said: “Paulo, there’s a colleague there in the last little square, he left, is he okay?", as per the Mirror. 'Potato Boss' Goes Viral After Accidentally Switching on a Filter During Microsoft Zoom Video Conference; Other Funny Instances When Work From Home Video Calls Failed Miserably!

The Minister of Industry, Paulo Guedes, said, “There is a guy having a shower there, naked. There’s a naked guy there, isolating naked at home, great. The guy was getting hot with the conversation, so he went to take a cold shower.” Bolsonaro is said to have responded with: “Unfortunately we saw. It was a shaky picture but we saw, unfortunately.”

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The conference call service, Zoom has been found to have security concerns after cybersecurity researchers warned about security loopholes in the software last month. It is said that that the feature flaw allows hackers to crash into meetings or access secure files.

Brazil has currently seen 241K confirmed cases, 94,122 patients who recovered and 16,118 deaths. Recently, a similar incident went viral where a woman named Jennifer, on a video conference call with her colleagues accidentally took her phone in the bathroom and sat to pee. She forgot to put the camera off and continued with her business, meanwhile, others were still on the call. Soon the video went viral after it was uploaded on social but the internet came in her support with #PoorJennifer trending on Twitter.

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