Woman Asks Roommate to Take Care of Her Plants While She's Away; He Reads, Plays Cards and Cooks For Them! Funny Tweet Goes Viral
Man goes viral for plant sitting (Photo Credits: Twitter/Laurenfrench)

How far do you go when someone gives you the responsibility of looking after something or someone? If you are frequent with pet-sitting or looking after someone's child for a day, then you know the amount of care you have to take to keep them comfortable. But a housemate has gone ahead to take care of his room partner's plant so well, that he is going viral. Lauren French a resident of London, asked her housemate Jack to look after her plant while she was away for a few days. Jack treated her plant no less than a person, by reading books to it, making a sandwich or having a wine and sent the pictures to Lauren. She shared the funny pics on Twitter and Jack is getting all the love from people. Baby Lip Syncing to 'Girls Like You' With Dad is Too Cute to Handle, Watch Adorable Video.

Jack has clearly set some plant sitting goals for everyone to follow! Jack seemed more than willing to help Lauren's plant feel comfortable, even it meant reading to it or even playing cards. In a set of pictures shared by Lauren on Twitter, Jack is seen reading with the plant, drinking wine, playing cards and even making it a sandwich! The pictures are indeed cute and are going viral on social media. Aloe Vera, Peace Lily and Boston Ferns: 7 Indoor Plants That Will Keep Your Home Pollutant Free.

View Pics of Plant Sitting Done by a Friend:

Lauren mentioned that her plants are doing great and we are not surprised. With such a careful parent of them around, there would not be an inch of damage to them. Her tweet has got close to 25,000 retweets and over a lakh likes. While some people were overwhelmed with Jack's actions, others said the plants need water than anything else.

He's a Gem!

Getting all the love

Blessings for him

But where is the water?

Clearly, Jack took better care than just watering the plants as most of us would. It is not every day we come across such loving and extra caring people. Social media blessed him and we are sure Lauren French is blessed to have a housemate as him.